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Business Attorneys

Any lawyer can tell you what the law says. But what the law means for you depends on what your goals are. Along with getting to know your particular business, we are diligent students of our client’s industries. At the Law Office of Judi Smith, we focus on the bigger picture and then tailor our advice to help you achieve your goals.


IRS Tax Attorney

Smart solutions for your tax problems. Whether you are facing federal or state tax issues, we can help you get an offer in compromise, negotiate a payment plan, stop tax levies, release tax liens, stop wage garnishments, reduce penalties, resolve back taxes, or defend an audit.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property Attorneys

You don’t want someone to come along and profit from all of your hard work by using the reputation that you spent years building; or worse, have someone use your name with cheap goods and bad customer service. When you want to protect your good name, you need a trademark.

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