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Business Tax Intellectual Property Attorney LawyerHi. My name is Judi Smith. I'm a tax lawyer with a different way to help people with FATCA/FBAR problems.

Most tax firms use low level staff, sometimes called case managers, to work on your case. These case managers are not licensed professionals like lawyers, accountants or enrolled agents. They are people hired by those licensed professionals that own the firm. The case managers answer your calls and fill out forms. They don't really know the tax law. They haven't been trained in persuasion or negotiation. Technically they are not leaglly allowed to give you tax advice. Yet those are the people that are handling your case, hopefully under the supervision of a licensed professional.

When you hire my firm, you are my client and you work with me - a tax lawyer - personally. I review and directly work on your case. If you have questions, you get answers directly from me.

Below are just few of the benefits of working with me:

Honest Answers

Many times the solution to a FATCA/FBAR problem is very simple with no additional tax or penalties. If you do have a more serious problem, I'll tell you what the problem is and the best way to fix it. The reality is that the IRS doesn't want to impose harsh fines. But you can run into trouble if you don't know what you are doing.

Expert Knowledge

I am an attorney. I went to law school and studied the details of tax law. More than that, as a lawyer I was trained to write and win persuasive arguments. Statements about non-willfulness are not black and white. You need an advocate who knows how to apply the tax law to the facts of your situation and then write about it. When you hire me, you get an advocate who knows the law and can persuade the IRS that your case is a good one. You get a tax lawyer.

Personal Involvement

When you hire my firm, you work with me, personally. You don't work with some "case manager." You call my office and talk to me. I personally return your calls. I prepare IRS documents to control every aspect of your case. I oversee and am directly working on your case from start to finish. You are not one of hundreds of cases. As my client, you have exclusive access to the firm owner.

Worldwide Reach

You don't have to live near my office to work with me. I have worked with clients all around the United States and many countries around the world, including Sweeden, Germany, Hong Kong, Tailand, Mexico, India, United Kingdom, and more. I use technologies like Skype, Hangouts, FaceTime to communicate. I have a secure portal where we can securely exchange sensitive documents. If you have access to the Internet, I can work with you where ever you live.

Some of the ways I can help

Get the personal attention your case needs.

I have deliberately kept my practice small to give personal attention to each individual client. So, as you can imagine, my heavy involvement in each and every case means that I can only take on a very limited number of cases.

Contact me now for a detailed evaluation of your case to see if I can help you with your tax issues.

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  • Rich Shure
    We will never use another Lawyer! Judi and her team have gone above and beyond for us. She saved us from an uncertain future. We are now able to see the light at the end of the tunnel! She genuinely cares and it really shows. I cant put in to words her level of awesomness! Thank you so very much Judi!
    Rich Shure
  • Karolis K.
    Not in a position to judge their legal knowledge, i don't have any. As a fact Judi saved my behind on a couple occasions. No bogus answers, always matter of fact, military style - "Yes Sir". No fancy offices, you don't feel that your money goes to buy a 10K chair. Job they did for me with IRS; was in an eye blink. And the most important for me - you get your calls returned in a day or so.
    Karolis K.

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